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  Acryloid B-72 Color Chips

Acryloid B-72 Color Chips

Acryloid B-72 color chips are made by the dissolving of Acryloid B-72 resin in toluene and then color blended with the finest lightfast pigments on a three roll mill. Once the color is fully blended, the solvent is then evaporated from the processed mixture. The resulting dry material is then crushed, producing color chips that vary in texture from a very coarse powder to chips approx. 1/8" - 1/4" in size. Acryloid B-72 color chips have a pigment concentration of approximately 35-38% with the balance being Acryloid B-72 resin (a small percentage of 1-2% of toluene may be present). Acryloid B-72 color chips are great for inpainting when mixed with solvent, they can also be used as a solid colored filling material when applied with a heated spatula and much more. Acryloid B-72 color chips are packed by weight in plastic containers in either 1oz. or 4 oz. sizes. Call for pricing on larger sizes. Purchase a complete set and save 10% over individual pricing. A hand painted chart is available.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
CO-20105-01B-72 Chips, Carbon Black$0.00
CO-20105-04B-72 Chips, Carbon Black$0.00
CO-20110-01B-72 Chips, Indanthrone Blue$0.00
CO-20110-04B-72 Chips, Indanthrone Blue$0.00
CO-20115-01B-72 Chips, Phthalo Blue-Green Shade$0.00
CO-20115-04B-72 Chips, Phthalo Blue-Green Shade$0.00
CO-20120-01B-72 Chips, Phthalo Blue-Red Shade$0.00
CO-20120-04B-72 Chips, Phthalo Blue-Red Shade$0.00
CO-20125-01B-72 Chips, Ultramarine Blue$0.00
CO-20125-04B-72 Chips, Ultramarine Blue$0.00
CO-20130-01B-72 Chips, Burnt Sienna$0.00
CO-20130-04B-72 Chips, Burnt Sienna$0.00
CO-20135-01B-72 Chips, Burnt Umber$0.00
CO-20135-04B-72 Chips, Burnt Umber$0.00
CO-20140-01B-72 Chips, Phthalo Green-Blue Shade$0.00
CO-20140-04B-72 Chips, Phthalo Green-Blue Shade$0.00
CO-20145-01B-72 Chips, Phthalo Green-Yel. Shade$0.00
CO-20145-04B-72 Chips, Phthalo Green-Yel. Shade$0.00
CO-20150-01B-72 Chips, Azoic Orange$0.00
CO-20150-04B-72 Chips, Azoic Orange$0.00
CO-20155-01B-72 Chips, Anthraquinone Red$0.00
CO-20155-04B-72 Chips, Anthraquinone Red$0.00
CO-20160-01B-72 Chips, Azoic Red$0.00
CO-20160-04B-72 Chips, Azoic Red$0.00
CO-20165-01B-72 Chips, Naphthol Red$0.00
CO-20165-04B-72 Chips, Naphthol Red$0.00
CO-20170-01B-72 Chips, Quinacridone Red$0.00
CO-20170-04B-72 Chips, Quinacridone Red$0.00
CO-20175-01B-72 Chips, Quinacridone Magenta$0.00
CO-20175-04B-72 Chips, Quinacridone Magenta$0.00
CO-20185-01B-72 Chips, Trans. Red Oxide$0.00
CO-20185-04B-72 Chips, Trans. Red Oxide$0.00
CO-20190-01B-72 Chips, Vat Red$0.00
CO-20190-04B-72 Chips, Vat Red$0.00
CO-20195-01B-72 Chips, Titanium White$0.00
CO-20195-04B-72 Chips, Titanium White$0.00
CO-20200-01B-72 Chips, Azoic Yellow$0.00
CO-20200-04B-72 Chips, Azoic Yellow$0.00
CO-20205-01B-72 Chips, Diarylide Yellow$0.00
CO-20205-04B-72 Chips, Diarylide Yellow$0.00
CO-20210-01B-72 Chips, Trans. Yellow Oxide$0.00
CO-20210-04B-72 Chips, Trans. Yellow Oxide$0.00
CO-20215-01B-72 Chips, Yellow Iron Oxide$0.00
CO-20215-04B-72 Chips, Yellow Iron Oxide$0.00
CO-20220-01B-72 Chips, Set of 22 Color$0.00
CO-20220-04B-72 Chips, Set of 22 Color$0.00
CO-20245B-72 Chips, Hand Painted Color Chart$0.00
CO-20245B-72 Chips, Hand Painted Color Chart$0.00

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