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CSS Small Light Ox Hair Var Brush

The CSS Series 1135 varnish brush is made of fine light Ox hair. This is a good all purpose brush that can be used for varnishing, cleaning, applying gilders clay and much more. The hair length out on the brush is slightly shorter than a standard varnish brush. The 2" brush has hair that is 1/4" inch thick out of the ferrule, is 1-3/8" in length and hand cupped to a chiseled edge. The hair is set in a nickel plated ferrule on a 6" black lacquered handle.


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
BR-1136R-050CSS Ser. 1136R Var. Brush, 1/2”$0.00
BR-1136R-075CSS Ser. 1136R Var. Brush, 3/4”$0.00
BR-1136R-100CSS Ser. 1136R Var. Brush, 1”$0.00
BR-1136R-150CSS Ser. 1136R Var. Brush, 1-1/2”$0.00
BR-1136R-200CSS Ser. 1136R Var. Brush, 2”$0.00

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