Tissue Paper

Unbuffered Acid-Free Tissue

Our Unbuffered acid-free tissue paper is excellent for stuffing, interleaving or a variety of uses. It is translucent, acid-free, pH neutral, made from virgin alpha-cellulose pulp, and it contains no sulfur that could cause tarnish. Available in both sheets and rolls, it has countless applications in museums, archives or libraries. Our tissue has a soft surface that makes it an ideal choice for separation wrapping. It makes a great wrapping and packing material for textile storage. Our Buffered acid-free tissue paper is the same as above with a 3.5% calcium carbonate buffer added. The buffering agent in the tissue will help in preventing acid migration from non acid-free storage containers from reaching sensitive artifacts.

CSS Tissue Paper Specifications
Chemical Fiber(%):100%100%
GE Brightness:90.0090.00
Lignin Free:YesYes
Basis Weight (24x36-480):12.00 lbs.12.00 lbs.
Wt./Unit Area (g/sqm)21g/sqm21g/sqm
Acidity (pH)6.8-7.48.0-8.2
Calcium Carbonate (Min.)None3.5%
Sulphur Content (Max.):0.0004 ppm0.0004 ppm
Soluable Chlorides (Less Than):0.0250.025
Acid Content:0.02%0.02%
(Not Exceeding Equivalent SO3)
Bursting Strength:4.50 PSI4.50 PSI
Tearing Resistance:
Machine Direction8.67Grams8.67 Grams
Cross Direction11.33 Grams11.33 Grams
Tensile Resistance:
Machine Direction2.17 kg2.17 kg
Cross Direction1.20 kg1.20 kg
Gurley Porosity:4.0 sec/100ml4.8sec/100ml


Catalog No.DescriptionPriceQuantity
PB-10310-0100 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 10” x 15”, 100 Sh$0.00
PB-10310-0480 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 10” x 15”, 480 Sh$0.00
PB-10320-0100 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 20” x 30”, 100 Sh$0.00
PB-10320-0480 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 20” x 30”, 480 Sh$0.00
PB-10330-0100 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 30” x 40”, 100 Sh$0.00
PB-10330-0480 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 30” x 40”, 480 Sh$0.00
PB-10340-1000 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 40” x 1,000' Roll$188.20
PB-10360-1000 Tissue Paper/Unbuffered, 60” x 1,000' Roll$228.80

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